Lake Louise’s Teahouse hikes

Lake Louise is a stunning blue lake with a rather expensive hotel at one end. It was named after one of Queen Victoria’s daughters who never took the time to visit. You however, should.

This incredibly popular and well photographed lake with The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise at one end will leave you breathless on any day of the year. The crystal blues of the summer give way to 2meter deep ice in the dead of winter. You can choose to lazily saunter around the lake front or hike up to the 2 tea houses hidden from view.

The Tea Houses

Along the shoreline and beyond there are a number of hikes with a couple of tea houses thrown in for rest stops on the way.


Lake Agnes Tea House

The first is the Lake Agnes Tea House which was built in 1901 by the Canadian Pacific Railway. The hike to this tea house is a gentle climb through forests, past Mirror Lake and the beautiful waterfall which flows from Lake Agnes itself. The hike is well signposted and very busy during the summer months so getting there on a midweek day or early on is recommended.

This little place served great sandwiches and a hearty soup. The staff here LIVE on site for several months, hiking in and out with supplies once a week. There’s no internet or phone signal up here so they spend their evenings playing card games around a wood stove.

You can then choose to hike either the Little Beehive or the Big Beehive (large rock features). These are again well signposted and will add on an extra hour or so to your hike.


Plain of Six Glaciers Hike

Continuing on you will experience one of the most scenic hikes in the Canadian Rockies.

Top Tips:
Take Bear Spray with you! This can be bought with ID at any outdoor store.
Wear good shoes and take adequate snacks and water.
Oh, and insect spray! Lots of insect spray!

We did get very beautiful views which sadly weren’t picked up on well by our cameras due to the forest fire raging up north.


Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House

This is a must do for anyone visiting this area. The whole experience will take you 6-8 hours return but will be very well worth it.

For more information on the Lake Louise Hikes checkout this site for trail information. Get out those hiking boots!