Your daybag is my backpack: Travelling light!

So a few (OK, 8) years ago I found myself on a whirlwind tour around 15 US states in 3 weeks with a 70ltr backpack. I have no idea to this day what I had in it but this was pre-Kindle so I do remember having at least 3 Terry Pratchett books. In 3 weeks I think I wore the same outfit every day as it was hot and I couldn’t bring myself to dig around to the bottom of the bottomless pit. Yes, I see what I did there.

So skip to us OAP’s travelling around Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Japan with barely 60Ltrs between us. Trust me, there is something wonderful about travelling light.


Now, don’t be put off by the idea you won’t have enough clothes and I will be writing a whole other separate blog post about the actual technical gear/clothing we have brought with us but for now, I’ll just quickly run through the contents.

6 x t-shirts
1 x long sleeve T-shirt
1 x knee high skirt
1 x trousers which roll up to 3\4
1 x long dress purchased in Bali
1 x leggings
1 x bikini
7 x underwear
1 x bra
2 x sports bras
1 x rain jacket
1 x fleece jacket
1 x small washbag (toothbrush, toothpaste, insect repellant suncream, shampoo, conditioner and a bar of soap)
1 x bag of medication (paracetamol, epilepsy pills, malaria tablets)
1 x head torch
1 x Kindle
1 x tablet
1 x (broken) phone
1 x charger
1 x camera
1 x headphones
1 x pair sandles
1 x pair walking shoes
1 x pocket bag for a day pack if needed
1 x drybag liner
1 x homemade wash line

And yes, all that fits into 30ltrs (although as I got the s/m backpack it’s likely to be more like 28ltrs). It’s just under the 7kg mark so counts as carry on on all the airlines we have travelled.

I love the freedom of travelling light and I recommend EVERYONE should do the same!

More posts soon on technical gear, how I pack it all (PACKING CUBES!), girls vs boys pack list and all the stuff I actually wish we HADN’T brought!