laura2simonThe year was 2009. In the heart of Bristol, UK two friends of friends met briefly while discussing an upcoming snowboard trip to France that March. The trip (despite an unfortunate alcohol induced vomit incident) sparked a friendship that over the course of the next 2 years would develop into that dream scenario of 2 best friends falling in love.

We took a few more trips together around Europe and discussed the idea of going further afield however the 4 weeks holiday you are given in the UK just wasn’t going to cut it.

In 2012 we were both in our mid twenties and had been dating for almost a year when we decided it would be a fantastic idea to quit our well paid office jobs in IT and Aerospace Engineering and head off for a year of travel. The aim was to start in Canada for a snow season, take a road trip across USA, spend a few months in New Zealand and Australia before swinging home via Asia and begin our grown up responsible future.

The plan turned a bit sour when, 4 months in, we decided to stick around for a Rocky Mountain summer. And then another winter. And then another summer. And then another winter… you get the idea. We fell in love with Canada, its people, culture and way of life.

So skip to September 2015, almost 3 years since we initially left the UK for our 1 year trip. We are now living and Working in Queenstown, New Zealand and are likely to see out our 1 year work visa here THEN travel back to the UK via Oz and Asia. If our plans over the last 3 years have been anything to go by then we cannot put any money on where we will be 6 months down the line.

This website was initially set up to keep family and friends updated on our travels but I now think it’s time to give something back to the travelling community. I cannot tell you the hours we have poured into looking over travel advice, forums, budget lists… well… enjoy!