Snowboarding on both hemispheres: Check!

Snowboarding in July?! MADNESS! It is thrilling to know that in just over 6 months we have stepped on snow on both halves of the world and one of those life goals I can now put a tick against.


Cardrona Access Road

We have been¬†pleasantly surprised with the quality of the snow in New Zealand despite having been warned nonstop at how terrible it is compared to Canada’s champagne powder. Our favouite resort so far has been Cardrona. Cardrona is situated on the crown range halfway between Queenstown and Wanaka. The drive from Queenstown takes just over an hour and is slightly less coming from Wanaka.

Cardrona resort map


Cardrona is a smaller resort compared to the sprawling European ones or the openness and varied terrain of Canada but does offer a few nice natural features. The facilities are standard and the prices match the remoteness of the resort ($4.50 for a coffee, $8 for a bottle of beer).

The terrain park got a huge thumbs up from Si and the features were impressive with the usual regular change ups. There were also plenty of smooth green runs for beginners and a large bunny hill for complete newbies.

If you’re over in New Zealand June-October I would definitely recommend renting some gear for the day and coming up. Sure it will cost you around $200 all in for all the equipment and a pass, but you cannot beat soft snow on a bluebird day!



Si showing off